Recorded and mixed at Zen Arcade Studio, Catania
by Marcello Caudullo and Sebastiano D’Amico 
except for track 9 recorded live by Luca Recupero 
at La Lomax, Catania
produced by Marcello Caudullo
Dino Gigliuto  guitar /vocals
Giuseppe Lombardo  guitar / vocals / castanets
Marcello Caudullo  keyboards / guitars / vocals
Gabriele Timpanaro  bass / double bass
Ezio Mongiovì  drums  / harmonica / back vocals
All drums recorded by Mauro Felice except for
track 9 by Ezio Mongiovì
Trumpet on track 2 recorded by Tony Del Mastro
Lapsteel on track 3, 6 by Carlo Natoli
Graphic design and illustrations 
by Giuseppe Lombardo | Less Studio
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Live video by Giovanni Tomaselli

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